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Peugeot Mills & Wine Accessories

Peugeot has over 200 years of expertise in creating superior coffee mills, spice mills, and much more.

Coffee Mills

Peugeot Coffee Mills are manual burr-type mills that crack and grind coffee beans to maximize flavor for brewing. The mill can be adjusted to roast beans to different sizes from percolator coarse to espresso fine. We carry three different coffee mill styles and all Peugeot coffee mills have a lifetime warranty on the grinding mechanism.

Spice Mills

Peugeot carries a variety of mills to any spice available in wood and stainless steel. We carry a huge selection of salt and pepper grinders and other spice mills for dried aromatic herbs such as basil, thyme, parsley, cumin, rosemary and other spices. For nutmeg, Peugeot manufactures a specific spice mill with a strong claw that enables nutmeg to be very finely ground. Electric salt and pepper mills are also now available to make grinding spices even easier.

Wine Openers, Decanters & Other Wine Accessories

Peugeot manufactures a variety of wine accessories, including win decanters, wine openers & other wine accessories. Browse our selection of stylish wine decanters, decanting funnels, electric wine openers and corkscrew wine openers to find the perfect tool for you.

Coffee Mills Electric Mills
Look for your coffee mills now! Featuring Bresil coffee mills, Nicaragua coffee mills, Nostalgie coffee mills and Olivier Roellinger coffee mills
Look for your electric pepper and salt mills now! Featuring Peugeot elis u' select pepper and salt mills
Species & Mill Accessories Spice Mills & Cheese Mills
Look for your species and mill accessories now! Featuring natural salt, fresh pepper and funnels
Look for your spice mills and cheese mills now! Featuring nutmeg mills
Stainless Steel Traditional Wood
Look for your stainless steel mills now! Featuring Commercy, Elis, Daman, Elis and many more pepper and salt mills
Look for your traditional wood mills now! Featuring Madras, Fidji and Paris pepper and salt mills
With Adjustable Grinding System
Look for your pepper and salt mills with adjustable grinding systems now! Featuring Commercy, Elis, Daman, Elis, Paris, Chateauneuf and many more pepper and salt mills
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