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De Buyer Pans, De Buyer Mandolins & Other Kitchen Products

Kitchen Universe is your source for French mandolins, cookware, & pastry products from De Buyer. De Buyer mandolines feature a unique thickness mechanism for a perfect cut quality. You will find an extensive variety of adds-on for your mandoline. De Buyer also offers a wide assortment of pastry items such as silicone molds, tart rings, stainless steel flour sifters and many more baking products.

At Kitchen Universe you can also find de Buyer Cookware, featuring De Buyer multiply stainless steel cookware, De Buyer Prima Matera, De Buyer Mineral B and Force Blue Cookware. De Buyer mineral pans are made of 100% natural mineral material for the best cooking surface possible. All De Buyer cookware is French made for your high-end culinary satisfaction.

If you are looking for the highest end kitchen products at the lowest prices, Kitchen Universe is the store for you. Look around and find the De Buyer products that suit your needs, and get FREE shipping on orders over $59.95!

De Buyer Affinity Stainless Cookware De Buyer Bakeware
de Buyer Affinity is made with an alloy of 7 layers of stainless steel and aluminum combined to ensure a lifetime performance, durability with easy cleanup, quick and even heat distribution. Includes a layer of "magnetic" stainless steel for induction cooking capability and it's suitable for all other cooking surfaces; gas, electric, halogen, ceramic and of course induction
Originally designed for professionals de Buyer bakeware and pastry products are now offered for everyone interested on baking. We offer a large assortment of silicone molds, pastry rings, flour sifters, stainless steel bowls and many more pastry and baking products. French made!
De Buyer Choc Cookware De Buyer First Classe Cuprinox Cookware
de Buyer CHOC CERAMIC  is a non-stick coating combined with a hard basis made on ceramic which leads to an exceptional resistance to abrasion and scratching. The hard ceramic base is 5 times more resistant to abrasion than a standard non-stick frying pan.
de Buyer Inocuivre First Classe cuprinox cookware features an alloy made of stainless steel and copper; this exceptional cookware combines the conductivity benefits of the copper along with the heat distribution provided by stainless steel
De Buyer Force Blue Cookware De Buyer La Parisienne Cookware
De Buyer Force Blue features a "lyonnaise" profile pan made from 2mm (14 gauge) blue steel plate gives very good heat spread. It has a high flared and curved skirt.
de Buyer La Parisienne Cookware is a high quality non-stick coating PFOA free that features cast stainless steel riveted handles
De Buyer Mandoline Parts & Accessories De Buyer Mandolines
Here you can find parts and accessories for de Buyer mandolines including pushers, julienne blades, santoku blades, straight blades, v-blades, storage boxes for blades, sliders, and many more parts available for the Pro V, Dicing, La Mandoline and Kobra Mandolines
Enjoy from the widest selection of de Buyer mandolines. Featuring Classic Access Mandoline, Kobra Mandolines, Ultra Dicing Mandolines and DeLuxe Mandolines all with free shipping at Kitchen Universe.
De Buyer Mineral B De Buyer Prima Matera Cookware
de Buyer MINERAL B ELEMENT iron which is made with 100% natural mineral material followed by a Bee Wax; these pans require seasoning.
de Buyer Inocuivre Prima Matera is the new cookware that has the same professional standards of de Buyer copper cookware but able to be used on induction cooktops.
De Buyer Specialties & Cookware De Buyer Traditional Paella Pans
Product source includes the de Buyer Universal Corer, the Candy / Chocolate Sweet Coating System Attachment for the KitchenAid mixer and much more cookware
From 1. to 1.5mm thick (16 to 2 gauge), this paella dish is modeled on the typical Spanish shape, with a relatively low skirt. The hammered bottom gives this item a distinctive look.
De Buyer Nostalgy Stainless Steel Cookware
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